Dcp Conversion

DCP creation / mastering

  • For Theatrical release features and trailers.
  • Festival release features, shorts and trailers (includes International Film festivals, local Film Festivals and Primary/secondary School film festivals/viewings).
  • Advertising trailers, advertisements and holding slides.
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Dcp Conversion

Multi format creation

  • For trailers and advertising needed for social media, video walls and other non cinema platforms

Icon Vod Conversion

VOD creation

  • Video on Demand Conversion – Full quality control and supply of features and trailers to Australia and New Zealand.
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VOD platforms

  • Video on Demand platforms include SBS/World Movies, Foxtel, Netflix, Lightning, Stan.


  • Feature and trailer dispatch to cinema sites Australia and New Zealand.
  • No maximum number of sites.
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KDM creation & issuing to sites

  • Create localised KDMs for overseas content.
  • Create and issue KDMs for locked content created at JORR as requested.

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Trailer & feature localising

  • Includes adding/removing logos, release dates and subtitling and any other required cards.
  • For Australia and New Zealand of international materials.
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DVD & Blu-ray authoring

  • Includes artwork and chapter design
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DVD & Blu-ray encoding

  • For cinema release and pre-release sales and/or reviews.