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Cinema services

Multi format conversion (including DCP and eCinema) for theatrical release, festivals (includes receiving all international content, qc’ing, managing and supplying all content to festival sites and festival KDM management), holding slides, ads, shorts and trailers.

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Film & Television mastering

Multiformat conversion for all VOD platforms, and DVD and Blu ray encoding for cinema and pre-release.



Feature and trailer dispatch to cinema sites across Australia and New Zealand.

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In-cinema reviews

Equipped with Dolby Atmos and 4K laser projection.
Coming soon.

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Welcome to JORR Intergrated Film and Television Solutions website.

jorr pty ltd is a Melbourne based company with over 25 years experience in all areas of film and television post production and has become the leading independent provider of DCP content in Australia and New Zealand. DCP cinema compliant files are now essential for successful theatrical release and jorr leads the way in providing cinema industry compliant, fully QC’d DCP content from around the world to all cinema sites in Australia, New Zealand and the further Asia Pacific region. In the ever changing digital media landscape jorr provides post production services that ensure our clients’ projects meet all delivery specs for Theatrical release (DCP and eCinema), TV/VOD platforms and International Festival DCP preparation and delivery to festivals around the world. All the while retaining the vision and creative path that the project and its creators set out on.

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